Since the creation of my first intelligible sentence, writing stuff has always been important to me.  When you are writing the only force that can derail your train of thought is you and every word you put down is a responsible act, a commitment.  Writing allows you to complete a thought, to forget about it for a while, then once you have achieved an objective distance to see with your own eyes the indelible reality of how full of shit you are!  That is an invaluable process.

I’m setting up this blog spot in part because a lot of folks have told me it’s a good idea in light of the fact the book, The Führer Must Die, will be released soon (November 8th, 2016!).  The main reason however is that I want to participate in the 21st century and the idea of having a soapbox from which I can audaciously spout off and not have to answer to anyone is simply too alluring to resist.

This is my official disclaimer:

If I inadvertently offend anyone in the process of expressing myself, sorry but if I don’t someone else certainly will piss you off anyway so it might as well be me.

If I bore you, sorry but I hold no illusions of being able to entertain everyone all the time.  I think I’m funny, but sometimes I’m full of shit and you have every right to tell me so.  Of course I’m under no obligation to agree with you.

I will always do my best to respond to comments and correspondence ASAP – I am human however which implies certain frailties such as biting off more than I can chew and burning the candle at both ends on occasion.  I know being patient sucks, but I still try to do it.  I’ll be grateful if you can do the same.

Mission Statement:

“A Muse to Amuse You” is my motto.  What that means to me is that I would enjoy having the opportunity to entertain you in a thought provoking way.  To be your hostess on an esoteric journey.  Anchors away!  Bon Voyage! Fly the Friendly Skies!

In albeit comparatively limited experience in blogging and enjoying other people’s contributions to the Blog-o-sphere I suddenly realized that on my personal blog I’ve added no personal stuff in the way of details about who and what I am.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.

I’ve seen many blogs that are under a guise of mystery with strange pen-names and no recognizable details.  Other blogs are very forthright – this is me and this is what I do.  I think I am going to tend toward the later model because I’ve always found artistic “personas” very high maintenance.  I don’t mind taking responsibility for my views and my creativity.  So here goes…

I was born in the American Midwest, but was raised in so-Cali and after studying Dramatic Arts moved to Europe.  Now some consider Greece as Europe’s poor cousin, others consider Greece as Europe’s great grand Dam…  the reality is a bit of both but whatever the viewpoint from a geographical standpoint it is hugely interesting to live in the revolving door between 3 continents.

Now I’m facing another crossroads: the kids are growing up!  It may sound horrible but in some ways I am over the moon… they are finally going to get a glimpse of how much fun it is to be an adult.  On the other hand my ego is screaming “I can’t possibly be old enough to have adult children!!!”  Then suddenly the mommy side kicks in with “OMG my babies are going to be out there all alone…”

As for the last, I am fairly content that I have managed to impart enough survival skills that they won’t be easily led down the garden path.  Sure they will screw up, but if they apply themselves they’ll work that shit out.  In regard to the second, I’m fortunate in that I get encouragement from unexpected sources – a friend’s husband told me “Victoria, you are a woman that still counts.”  When I asked him what he meant by that he said “Any man that looks at you will immediately think about having sex…”

I couldn’t help laughing, I reminded him that every man is constantly thinking about having sex, and then I kind of felt bad because he seemed hurt and unable to understand how his compliment had gone wrong.  Then he qualified his statement: “There are some women that when you see them the first thing you think about is your mom, there are some women that when you see them you think about money, there are some women that all you can think about as soon as you see them is getting naked – you’re one of those.”

I am now in the middle of my 5th decade of existence and comments like that are very heartening to say the least.  I am still a woman who counts… and thinking about all those naked guys cheers me up quite often!





I would love to hear your thoughts!

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