2018 Resolutions: Life is what you make it – even if you had other plans.

Holy cow! Is 2017 over already?

I had better get my butt in gear and think about what my New Year’s resolutions are for 2018!!!

#1 Sit less. (aka exercise more).

As Jennifer Aniston’s character said in the film “Just Go With It”, the secret to a great butt is to always take the stairs while you still can! I am not talking about some sort of crazy intense cross-fit regimen here – just making it a point to get up and move my body for at least 20 minutes after waking up, and over the course of the day. It could be a walk around the neighborhood, or to the store to buy yogurt. It could be a gentle stretch and a few Sun Salutations. It could be putting on some upbeat music and dancing around the house in your P.J.s or birthday suit. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but our bodies were made to move, not to sit!

Able bodied folk have no excuses here – even people with physical disabilities that HAVE to sit in a chair to get around are more active than those of us whose only handicap is a lack of motivation. I had serious setbacks because I allowed events to get me way behind on my work. It piled up and this last month I found my self getting out of bed and going straight to my desk. That is the worst thing you can do to your body, apart from stuffing it full of toxic crap. This month I’ve done both, and regretted it!

#2 Eat less sugar.

Processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup are EVIL! I lost 35 lbs in 2017 JUST BY READING LABELS! The other huge benefit? LESS PAIN! Sugar feeds inflammation – INFLAMMATION = PAIN. Like magic, when I reduced my sugar intake, my back and joint pain started to fade away even before I lost any weight! In 2018 this resolution is no longer about losing weight, but to continue FEELING GOOD! I’ve eaten more sugar this last month than I did the whole year, and after the first week I began experiencing lower back and joint pain for the first time in 10 months!

#3 Stress less.

I want to stop letting little things pile up that quickly accumulate into big headaches. If I can manage my time better by creating a realistic schedule for work, play, maintenance and relationships, I will smile more and panic less!


I know it sucks that I’ve put this first here, but sadly that is what we have to do when we are grown ups. Now that definitely doesn’t mean that work takes priority over health! Just like Walt Disney’s 4 keys to guest experience at his theme parks – all four of the elements I mentioned above are essential, each supporting and contributing to all of the others. In Walt’s fantastical worlds Safety is first. For any of us grown ups Work is sort of the same thing – it is the activity that provides the resources for our other needs, now and in the future – our safety net.

We all owe it to our selves to generate income from activities that we love. The more joy our working life provides us the better we will become at that craft/trade/discipline, thus the more in demand our skills will be, and the more lucrative our efforts. Working less, but more effectively, will avail us of more time for parallel pursuits that complete us as human beings.


Joy for joy’s sake, is what makes life such a gift. We all have the capacity, we just need to prioritize this essential aspect of intelligent existence into our busy schedules. Games are wonderful bridges for communication. Most of the valuable lessons human beings learn before age 18 are learnt through play, the rest are learnt through experience.

There is no excuse for depriving yourself of play time. Optimally, we should seek out play time that includes interaction with others. Only physical proximity engages all of our senses. While playing online is better than not playing at all – conventions and cos-play events exist because even hard-core gamers realize that the human element makes things more interesting and raises the stakes!


Here we pay homage to our poor tired overworked and under-loved body. Care = love: Sleep, nutrition, exercise and hygiene all contribute to holistic health and wellness. It may seem odd that I’m writing so little about something so important, but fundamentals are fundamental.


We can look in the mirror or take a selfie to see our exterior, but the best way to see our interior is through how other people react to us. Cultivating a sense of empathy for others makes us more complete. Our earliest ancestors realized that survival is easier in groups and social interaction helps us grow and develop. Relationships are mutual support systems too, providing a sense of security and comfort in the face of adversity. Also people involved in committed loving relationships statistically live longer!

#4 Create more.

On my desk there is a file, about 7 inches thick, full of playbills and ticket stubs and notes about books I’ve read and places I’ve seen and events I’ve attended… all of which I had intended to write about here in my sadly neglected blog. There is an inch of material for each month that whisked by at light speed! Since that material will all now need to be filtered into some sort of lame “2017 revisited” thread, I am going the more traditional route by sharing what I have determined to be my new priorities. One of those is to schedule time to work on my own creative projects!

As a freelancer, you spend a lot of time building and maintaining your clientele. When you write for other people to earn a living it can be very difficult to find the time and energy to develop your own work, even just a blog post can seem like an impossible task! I have finally realized I need to approach my own projects in the same way I approach exercise – at least a little bit every day.

So, my dear reader, those are my resolutions in a nutshell: sit less, eat less, stress less, create more. Sounds terrifyingly simple doesn’t it? I will be letting you know how this pans out 😉

Happy Healthy Loving Creative New Year!!!

Victoria Andre King


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