Show Them How You Burlesque!

Who would have thought I’d find myself shakin’ my booty for fun & health? This year I decided to break with tradition – any and all tradition. Being far flung from my loved ones there was little joy to be had observing Paschal traditions. As such I opted for a rather unorthodox activity for a Sunday afternoon… I took a Burlesque class!

Yes, even old “she dawgs” like me can learn new tricks! Especially when the teacher is such a warm and gracious soul. From the moment I entered the studio “The Miss Marquez” made me feel welcome as did her regular students. Her motto Empowerment in Heels was omnipresent among that group of beautiful ladies (and one young man) of all body types and persuasions, getting their sexy on on a Sunday afternoon.

“It’s about body awareness and acceptance,” she told me when I arrived, “… the point is to express the love you feel for your body and the joy of existence through sensual movement.” It was playful, it was joyous and it was for a good cause – the proceeds of the day were pledged to Planned Parenthood. I am most definitely going back!

Fun aside it was also an amazing workout. 15 minutes in I was feeling the aerobic benefits, and though I wasn’t stiff or sore the next day there were definitely muscles engaged that I hadn’t heard from in a long long time. I unreservedly recommend this class for any daring souls ready to “Take it off the E string and play it on the G string!”

Thank you Alyssa for a fabulous new experience 😀


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