California Writers Club SFV

Back in November I had the good fortune to join the California Writers Club San Fernando Valley Branch. Working under the principle that one can never have too many friends in a new city, and after 27 years living abroad Los Angeles was a new city, I applied to join not really sure what I would have to offer them or they to me for that matter.

Logistics prohibited me from attending the December and February monthly meetings, but I had the good fortune to catch the January gathering and the very informative presentation given by entertainment and intellectual property attorney Kendall T. Jones, and despite the rather abysmal weather had the pleasure of meeting a number of the unique and creative individuals that comprise the chapter’s membership roster.

The group is characterized by rich diversity on so many levels. Even a brief conversation with any of the members will provide a glimpse of the wealth of stories each has to share. It is a warm and welcoming group and I really look forward to getting involved with one of the critique groups once I get my work schedule leveled out enough to dedicate a bit of time to my own projects.

Today’s gathering seemed particularly topical. The guest speaker was award winning screenwriter/director/producer Cyrus Nowrasteh, whose boldly sincere and focused approach to film making has been the fuel of controversy as well as festival awards. His take was utterly pragmatic and results based – a genuine testament to the nature of “the biz” and the importance of knowing what you are in it for. His candor in sharing the journey of a “dark” boy whose parents spoke accented English growing up in the American Midwest was both poignant and humorous.

I am surprised that more young writers have not discovered the treasure trove which is the California Writers Club SFV branch. Every member is a story waiting to be told.


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