Walls, brawls and inaugural balls: the disturbing reality show that is American politics.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tackiness has become the new hallmark of U.S. media etiquette.

It really makes no difference what networks you watch; all the presenters are so engrossed in their own droning on they have become oblivious to the fact that what they are spouting is a deluge of rubbish. True, anyone motivated by political ambition is innately and acutely narcissistic, but beyond any doubt the “Don and Hillary Show” plummeted that phenomenon to shrieking new lows.

It appears we are in the throes of an intense ideological identity crisis on a national level.

The far left and the far right seem to have converged into a flash mob insanity dance. The “moderate” majorities from both sides of America’s bi-polar body politic appear to be suffering from PTSD. The President Elect goes on tweeting sprees like a petulant teen on the one hand, strong arms industrialists on the other while still babbling about a wall that will magically keep all “bad seeds” south of the border – I thought he had said the bad seeds were all lobbying on Capitol Hill!

These days anyone with a social media following fancies themselves an opinion leader.

I really miss Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, David Brinkley, Pauline Frederick, Barbara Walters, Carole Simpson, Connie Chung… none of them would have put up with this crap.  While some individuals truly apply their celebrity to raising awareness about important issues with global impact, others are milking causes for self-glorification. Hysteria mongering is not a form of social or political activism.

I find the number of mediocre American “talents” threatening to defect to Canada particularly tragic. Canada is a wonderful country of great natural beauty inhabited by down to earth practical folk: why would they have any inclination to absorb a tsunami of American idiots? They may joke about a wall, but they would never be stupid enough to suffer the expense of building one. They would probably invest those funds in education and/or healthcare, novel concepts in the Americas.

I’ve spent the last two weeks mulling over what my inaugural blog post for 2017 should be about. To avoid the risk of putting it off indefinitely, I opted to address current affairs: namely the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America. All the talk of demonstrations to “Take our America back…” I find personally insulting. As flawed as our electoral system may be Donald Trump was elected and all the votes are in, he didn’t even need to reiterate his pre-election disclaimer that Mrs. Clinton was going to be elected by the millions of illegal immigrants registered… Don’t they all get tired of batting around random statistics like so many flies?

Rather than expending energy and resources demonstrating against something that is part of our constitutional political process, wouldn’t it make much more sense to concentrate on what happens next and what can be done to improve the system that has been cause for suspicion and dispute during the last four Presidential elections?

If you seriously study political science you will discover that the United States has never actually had a system of free market capitalism. By the same token the Former Soviet Union, now affectionately known as Eastern Europe has never had a system of Communism. Plutocrats to the left of me, Totalitarians to the right, here we are… stuck full stop.

The sad bitter truth is that there is absolutely no crisis facing humanity at this moment that could not be disarmed if only each of us could climb down from our ego pole – that long stick up our bum that creates the delusion that we are somehow better or more entitled than others. All the world’s woes are the result of rampant immaturity as a species. Maybe one blessed day we’ll grow up and get over ourselves.



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