The Blogosphere Revisited: Amazing Women, Amazing Platforms

One of the greatest benefits of my introduction to the world of blogging has not been the pleasure I receive from writing my own posts, but constantly encountering the very cool and diverse forms of expression out there exploring the blogosphere!  I have had both the honor and privilege to be hosted as a guest blogger by some fascinating and wonderfully talented fellow bloggers and I just can’t help feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

Since my initial awkward attempt to set up this blog in August 2012 my learning curve has been dizzying.   It has also been a marvelous journey of discovery, there are so many dedicated and capable folk out there.  The sense of solidarity among writers is truly heart warming and I have hugely enjoyed having the opportunity to contribute to some awesome blogs.

First Anora McGaha, creator, and now Barbara Bos new owner and editor of  Women Writers Women’s, Books, have nurtured what I would venture to call the most comprehensive contemporary platform for international women of words that I have encountered to date.  I am incredibly impressed by the diversity of voices represented on their platform and the power of the virtual community they have established. These amazing ladies have hosted three of my pieces: The Story Behind The Story, a homage to my collaboration with my dear and late friend Don Schwarz, and Losing the Artist Saving her Art, a two part dedication to the multi-talented Jovi Starc, one of whose photographs I’ve featured here.

Morgen (with an ‘e’) Bailey’s Writing Blog is a wondrous place in cyber space where you can easily be carried away by the truly incredible variety of highly entertaining and informative material on offer.  This is one busy lady who has invested immeasurable time and determination to creating a fabulous platform for emerging as well as established writers – a genuinely valuable asset to the blog  world, readers and writers!

Lucy D’Andrea’s Moonlight Gleam is an example of how bright individuals can turn their passions into enterprise. This intelligent young woman should be a role model for aspiring entrepreneurship, and should be commended for producing such a high quality blog. She is super responsive and just a pleasure to work with!

Every single day offers something new out there in the Blogosphere – so much unbridled creativity can only be a good thing!




I would love to hear your thoughts!

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