Production is an amazing, though at times thankless, profession.

When you are a production manager the maxim is: when everything goes perfectly nobody notices, if anything goes wrong it is probably your fault.

I have been so blessed in many ways to have enjoyed such a diverse range of production experiences in a variety of capacities from mega-productions such as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin or The Bourne Identity to guerilla documentary crews that fit in a Volkswagen bus! From the ultra commercial, to the abstract fringe each project poses unique challenges and rewards.

Now that I am older and no longer thrilled at the prospect of lugging film kit through the muck, I have returned my attentions to my first love, writing. The upcoming release of my first novel, The Führer Must Diehas inspired me to pull a few manuscripts as well as spec scripts out of moth balls and to look at them anew. The publication process has been such an amazing learning curve. This journey has enabled me to regard my own work as if someone else wrote it and is asking me to invest: a humbling viewpoint to say the least!

In the late 90’s and early 2Ks I was fortunate enough to have received three EEU MEDIA PROGRAMME development grants for original screenplays. That recognition was followed by the misfortune of being attached to producers who either squandered that funding on extracurricular activities such as non-film related gambling, and/or used the funds to bail previous projects out of post. It was frustrating, and discouraging, so I threw myself into production facilitation which took my mind off those incidents and provided the immediate gratification of a decent salary and diverting experiences.

The leaps and bounds that technology has made the last 10 years have been a huge game changer. This is the age of unprecedented creative freedom and accessible production values. There is brilliant work being done using nothing but a smartphone! As such I am, among other things, developing flash-fiction scripts, under 3 minutes that I can produce easily and have big fun doing it. That will provide much needed release after the hours of editing I have in front of me to bring my other more ambitious projects up to speed.

Here’s to all our collective and individual creative endeavors. Arise go forth and create!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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