Watch This Space – The Theatre Centre Toronto

Every city should be blessed with such a “live arts incubator” as Toronto’s The Theatre Centre. From the landmark building that the centre calls home, to the dedicated and hospitable staff this unique organisation offers both a nest and a launching pad for innovative contemporary theatre artists.

Apart from its identity as a great space for creative exploration and showcase, it also has a wonderful cafe which serves the best “fried egg sammy” I’ve had since my childhood, and incredibly refreshing homemade lavender lemonade (with or without vodka…) as well as a delectible selection of fresh baked sweets – the brownies are particularly wicked!

Upcoming Events:

Currently through October 23rd you can see This Old Town Used to be a Forest

November 4-10 This is the Point

November 10-20 Agency 

November 24-27 Capitalist Duets

December City of Craft celebrating all things hand made

January 2017 The Magic Hour

To learn more about this very approachable and committed venue:

The Historic Venue back in the day
The Historic Venue back in the day

Victoria Andre King is the author of The Führer Must Die, a film noir WWII crime drama to be released November 8th by Yucca Publications.


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