Dedicate Your No Trump Vote

Our National Anthem declares that the United States of America is the “…land of the free, and the home of the brave.” How can we consider our country the land of the free if we feel the need to exclude and or confine people? Mr. Trump’s ludicrous statements of his intention to build a wall to keep immigrants out is chilling because it illustrates that his real intention is to imprison all of us in a mindset that in no way reflects the ideals upon which our nation was founded.

I dedicate my no-Trump vote to the inspired educators I was privileged to learn from growing up in a diverse, yet safe hometown. I dedicate it to the good neighbors we had, we didn’t need to lock our doors, we looked out for each other and respected and protected each other’s property. Most of all I dedicate it to my children and my students who have the right to experience a sense of world community without fear or paranoia.

I was in secondary school at the climax of the cold war.  A sense of imminent danger had permeated our psyches and instilled many insecurities in my generation. The Cheneys and Rumsfelds and the Trumps of the world on the other hand developed their insatiable appetites for wealth, always procured at the expense of others: tax payers in the domestic arena, and primarily developing nations abroad. There is no bravery in arms stockpiling, only profiteering via a vicious cycle of build-up and armed conflict meant to keep the orders and the profits rolling in. Unfortunately, at the cost of the lives of many young Americans as well as military and civilian casualties abroad.

Donald Trump personifies hemimatheia (ημιμάθεια in Greek): the state of choosing to know only that which justifies your prejudice, that which allows your ego to sustain its delusions of entitlement. Mr. Trump is an individual entirely governed by his ego. He appeals to individuals whom are also egotists and seeking to place blame elsewhere for their personal dissatisfactions. His behaviour is abhorrent and exemplifies all of the basest characteristics and attitudes associated with negative American stereotypes.

For the entirety of my lifetime, US Armed Forces have been involved in both overt and covert military operations around the world. For the last 50 years our nation has come to be seen as an “enforcer” of peace by some, as a bully by others. As such it is not all that surprising that a bully such as Mr. Trump feels entitled to run for the Presidency. The most alarming factor is the cunning with which he has manipulated the media, generating an unprecedented amount of broadcast exposure, most at no cost to his campaign fund. I had the honor to be in Europe during the demolition of the Berlin wall. I witnessed with what emotion the citizens of the divided Germanys embraced each other.  The world does not need more walls, it needs more open minds and open hearts to guarantee quality of life for all!

I dedicate my no-Trump vote to all of those citizens in the US and abroad who will exercise their right and privilege to participate in this election with their votes, even those who intend to vote for Mr. Trump. I have friends and family who have put their lives on the line and in several cases lost them or suffered irrevocable damage so that even those who will vote for Mr. Trump have the right to do so! That is democracy in action: exercising tolerance and allowing others to have their own opinions.

Victoria Andre King is an English teacher and freelance writer originally from Southern California. She has been living in Greece for many years but will now be returning to California for the publication of her first novel The Führer Must Die by Yucca Publications. The official release date is November 8th, 2016… “I certainly never imagined that I would have to compete for media attention with Donald Trump when it came time for my book to finally be published!”.



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