Getting “The Führer Must Die” out there: the challenge of attracting media attention during an election year!

V. Andre King

Every curse contains a blessing… and every blessing a curse of course.  As an (as of yet) unknown author my mental list of things that could possibly go belly-up to impede my mission was pretty long. The one thing that had not crossed my mind was that in order to garner media interest in the release of my first novel, “The Führer Must Die”, I would have to compete for media attention with none other than The Donald!

Originally the book was to be released in 2017, but apparently my manuscript was production ready before others. The irony is that I had actually suggested November 8 (the anniversary of the event the story is built around) but it never occurred to me that the fates would arrange it to coincide with the US presidential election. And, of course, at a time period which is always difficult for my family and I because, working in one-to-one Special Ed in the private sector of a crisis rendered Greece, we have no income from June 30th till September 30th!

So… having no resources to invest in immediate direct advertising, and having had to hand over to the Greek state what meagre funds I had dog-eared to cover the costs of a few modest release events (new tax obligations they recently pulled out of their hat), I am having to resort to what one does these days: crowd funding.

I’m not exactly a social media “newbie”, I know tidbits about a lot of different platforms. I’m just not savvy enough to apply any of them as effectively as I would want to. I am engaging the assistance of my teenaged children but sadly their social circles are not exactly the market demographic the book would interest. The little darlings are doing their best to initiate me so I can bravely strike out on my own.

I will soon be creating the event links on the book’s Facebook page and will link to the events here as well. I want to thank my friends and most importantly my family who have supported me through all of the sleepless nights and anxious days!

The Führer Must Die: A Novel Hardcover – November 8, 2016


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