Love Some More

I used to know you, long ago,

when we were guided by the soul.

I loved your honesty, and your faith in me.

So why did you have to go?


Some say the fall of many men,

Is their surrender to what’s given.

They have failed to see we don’t live life for free.

Love is the price we pay, but when?


Just love some more,

Then you’ll pull through.

Even if it seems the world has turned its back on you.

Love gives you strength you need,

I don’t want sympathy.

I will stand upon my own.


Now I am strong and unafraid,

Despite cruel and unkind things we said.

I will go on to see, what the world holds for me.

My love for you has set me free!


I loved some more, and here I am.

Now I think I know exactly where I stand.

It’s a warm place, I never knew.

The whole world breaks down to me and you.


Just love some more,

And you’ll pull through.

Never believe that the world does not love you.

Love gives you strength you see,

No need for sympathy,

The love that you have will set you free.


VAK – Los Angeles, 26th May 1988

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.


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