“How time flies!” And other sadly true cliches.

V. ANdre King

Bad blogger, bad!  I got home from work, paid bills for an hour and a half, then it hit me:  I hadn’t contributed to my blog for 79 days…  Were I any more lax I would be ex-lax!!!

Why is it that we allow ourselves to become so embroiled in routines, whether of our own design or imposed, that we unconsciously pull away from those activities that actually provide us enjoyment?  Why is the futile sense of urgency with which everyone impregnates their business so communicable?  Why is it that the more stress we feel, the more determined we seem to be to osmose everyone else’s stress as well?


Sure I often go on about how we must create the time for the people we love and the activities that we find fulfilling… “Thank’s Dr. Swill, now can we see you shove that microphone up your…”.   In theory, everyone’s a genius on some level, right?  According to the laws of attraction if I could only manage to obsess sufficiently everything I want would just manifest itself in my life, right?

Unfortunately I am utterly untalented when it comes to single-mindedness.  I seem to (dys)function in a constant state of mental chaos, like an emotional and intellectual Hydra with my various heads all pulling away from each other in pursuit of seemingly unrelated endeavors.

I am the embodiment of “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” on an individual level.  So many heads, each brilliant and special in its own unique way of course, all jockeying to monopolize one poor ol’ dogsbody.  It’s bloody exhausting!

That said, this nonsense must stop.  Writing makes me happy, or perhaps simply suspends disillusionment, either way however it most certainly improves my demeanor.  As such I have a moral and ethical obligation to myself and to those poor souls condemned to dwell with me, to engage in that solace as often as possible.

Perhaps I will make that my New Year’s resolution – to stop feeling guilty about my creative needs and just do it!

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.



  1. I understand. I keep telling myself to writer everyday, but something distracts me.
    The most noise that will sift focus, is reading negative rants on Face Book.
    I really should deactive that waste of time.


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