The Rites/Rights/Writes of Spring

I couldn’t help noticing that, despite the global economic crisis, the world seems to be in bloom – at least the bits of it that fall between 45 degrees N and 45 degrees S.  As such the world’s inhabitants are blooming too – some blooming mad, others just emitting jubilant life force.  Spring is in the air, Persephone has emerged from the underworld and Demeter has blessed the land to celebrate her daughter’s brief return.

Now thinking about spring just naturally got me thinking about the “birds and the bees” which of course got me thinking about attraction.  What is that?  Aside from the cliches that advertisers strive to embed in our brains, aside from the bio-chemical reactions (all those B vitamins and trace minerals we are whiffing via pollen) is there another, mystical source?  Something more potent than pheromones?

I think there is, and it is called confidence!

Whenever you are talking about a concept as opposed to some quantifiable value things always become complicated.  It all starts to make sense though when you put things in perspective.  The better we feel, regardless of age, gender, body type, fitness level, the more attractive we become – it is really that simple.

Just to clarify, when I refer to “attractiveness” I mean desirability – and not exclusively in a sexual context.  I think most of you will have had the experience of meeting a person, under the most mundane or the most bizarre circumstances, who you simply felt you wanted to spend time with.  Someone you were simply drawn to for no obvious reason.  That is pure attraction, the sort of attraction that confidence generates.

Let me give you an example:  I had an interview for a position that sounded great, I was exerting a lot of energy in fact to convince myself I should do my all to nail the job albeit not terribly effectively.  I prepared extensively, did my homework to ask intelligent questions, donned full battle dress (flawless hair, discreet make-up, flattering yet conservative suit…) and I headed out in plenty of time so I would be on site at least 5 minutes before my scheduled interview time.

It seemed as if I were invisible – some guy cut me off to grab the nearest parking space.  When I reached the door to the building the people who entered before me closed the door in my face.  When I introduced myself at the reception desk the woman working there seemed affronted, like I was late even though I made it with one minute to spare.  It was as if the uncertain energy I was emitting was creating an actual physical disturbance.  Of course I didn’t get the job or even a call back interview – the HR manager couldn’t get me out of his office quickly enough.

A few weeks later I decided to make a supermarket run.  I looked like crap, old stained sweats, unwashed hair, no make-up and ancient flip flops.  I had however just that morning experienced a writing breakthrough.  At each step of the way everyone I encountered smiled at me, regardless of age or gender, a high school kid held the door open for me, and elderly gentleman waiting at the deli counter winked at me, it was hilarious!  I was suddenly a goddess travelling incognito.

So where am I taking this little tale?  Well I guess it all comes back to positive energy.  Each one of us, in addition to being a potentially sentient being, is an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver.  The energy we produce, our “frequency” and the quality of our signal is directly affected by our emotional state.  Spring seems to generate a quickening if you like, a more acute tuning that makes us all more responsive/receptive as well as amplifying the signals we transmit to others.  We can positively influence everything and everyone around us: the results may not  be immediately overwhelming in their scope, but every bit of intention will help to tip the scales in a more positive direction.

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.



  1. Your insights into “attraction” are intriguing. When we are comfortable, and attracted to ourselves, we exude pure attraction, which naturally attracts others. Appreciation, admiration, and love of self is quite attractive.


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