Introducing Andrew Marsh

I would be remiss not to bang the gong yet again for this spritely chap!

Please join me in welcoming Andrew (F) Marsh, talented scribe of fantastic faery tales for all ages and sophisticated thrillers for mature readers.  It is my honor and privilege to showcase Andrew as my very first guest blogger!  His insights ring true for me and I hope you will agree.

What makes you write?

 An interesting question for someone who writes books and blogs, what is it that actually makes you want to shut yourself away in a room without company for hours on end, day after day, week after week?

Here is what drives me, maybe you see some similarities in your writing.

I write because I have to. I have little or no choice in this at all. So much data comes to me all the time that I cannot keep up. Even when writing something, say this blog, I get more ideas about story lines, characters or situations that I am constantly writing them down. I have at least 8 notebooks with “writing stuff” in it. Not to mention a long file called “book ideas” on my computer.

When I look through those notebooks, it is as though some sort of exponential creativity data dump occurs in my head and one idea leads to three, these lead to twenty and so on. It is as though a zip file has been unzipped in my head, but that unzipped file has more files in it, so much so that keeping track of them is quite hard.

But I allow it to happen, I encourage it to happen, I wallow and bathe myself in this creativity data dump, until somewhere, the writing part of me starts to sift through them and put them together in some sort of master plan (with or without the evil laugh).

I write this master plan down, and just like I have said, more and more data comes, but this is specific to this story, it is adding depth and character to the bones of the story. I type it out, the first acknowledgement that a new project, a new book is in the offing. This typing dump is enormous, it grows and grows as I type, I do not worry about structure of the words, just bullet points or short paragraphs at this stage, get the ideas down on paper and let them mingle and talk to each other, see who fits best with who and so on.

I have to give that process time: time to grow and mature.

Sometime later, and this could be a few weeks, or in the case of the book I have just finished, over ten years has past, I pick it up and kapow! It flows like wine. It flows and flows and chapter after chapter come out onto the page, the notebook right beside the computer to write notes about what should happen later in the story or whatever. Make sure that spark of an idea is not lost in the ether, write it down, and do it NOW, not in 5 minutes, not after a bathroom break, not after a trip downstairs to get food or refreshments, write it down NOW.

I have to write this story, and I just keep on writing. I have just finished the first draft of a trilogy. Volume 1 I ready for agents and publishers, Volume 2 is being proof read by another and Volume 3 is in the drawer, maturing.  I wrote Volume 3 in 21 writing days out of a period of 25 days in March. 107000 words just exploded onto the page, some days three thousand words or so, others twelve thousand words were written. Stopping in mid flow is not an option. I have to write and cannot write first time material a few words at a time. I set myself a minimum of 1500 words per day for first draft writing, and exceed that all the time.

I am driven to write, it is a natural function for me, just like breathing I have to write and keep on writing. I have two other books queuing up in my head, it’s getting crowded in there so one has to come out soon. It is in the maturing stage of the notes and ideas talking to each other, accompanied by some research to make it hang together. I am desperately trying to get the trilogy presentable for the world before I start to write the next book. It is not easy, for she is a determined creature and wants to come out to play, the sun is out and she is knocking at the door.

To contact one of Andrew’s two distinct writing personas via Twitter:

Andrew F Marsh (Faery Tales)

Andrew Marsh (Steamy Thrillers and Crime Drama)

or visit his facebook pages:

Andrew F Marsh

Andrew Marsh



    1. Why it is my pleasure Andrew. I can so thoroughly relate to the writing compulsion – a dream of mine is to hire someone to type all of the contents of 3 decades of notebooks into tidy word docs but then I realize it is but a dream: who could possible decipher my hieroglyphics!


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