Doctors vs PMS (Purveyors of Medical Services)

Just as there are Mice and Men, there are Doctors and there are Purveyors of Medical Services.  The PMS retain as their primary objective the health of their investment portfolios – each new case providing opportunities to secure increased income if managed (played) correctly.  That approach may not have the patient’s ultimate health outcomes in mind, but careful application of plausible deniability maintains reputation while holding malpractice suits at bay.

With the assistance of pharmaceutical companies the PMS are in the business of suspending  illness while creating dependence on treatment of symptoms: working to eradicate the causes of symptoms would be bad for business.  Through clever manipulation they engage their patients in the willful suspension of disbelief, that in turn furthers the primary objective: more visits, more prescriptions, more procedures = increased investment dividends.

Doctors on the other hand, students of Asclepius and Hippocrates, are not administrators or micro-managers but healers whose primary objective is the restoration of a holistic state of healthy being.  They approach their discipline as both science and art, incorporating all aspects of human activity as potentially significant factors for health.  Rather than drowning symptoms in chemicals, thus impeding accurate diagnosis and compounding the patient’s complaints, Doctors work to eliminate possible irritants and thereby isolate probable triggers of the problem.

It is no coincidence that children are rarely frightened by the prospect of a visit to the Doctor, whereas an impending visit to the PMS will terrify them.

Most of us are conditioned to accept what we are told, no questions asked, particularly when the source is an authority figure such as a medical healthcare professional.  We tend to forget just how easily economic interests can create ulterior motives, and that where and whenever greed is involved nothing is sacred – not even our or our children’s health.

These views are not only my own arrived at due to some bitter experience, these views are shared by many practitioners in the health sciences I have had opportunities to speak with.  The sad irony is that often those physicians that opt to join the ranks of the PMS are acutely skilled in their discipline – that very skill providing them the leverage to work the angles.

In modern society medical knowledge and skill is power.  Just as in other fields such as law and legislation there is an initiation process that takes place whenever a new professional enters the arena.  The danger seems to lurk in that many confuse scientific objectivity with the objectification of patients/clients/constituents.  Objectivity enables us to view the greater good whereas objectification relegates our fellow humans to the role of pawns on our personal chess board.

I have had the good fortune to encounter Doctors, valiant individuals often chastised by the PMS for their philanthropy. I have also encountered Merchants of Medicine, remarkable by their effortless duplicity.  Most often though I have encountered the “tweens”, those who started out with altruistic aims only to be wrestled into submission at some point along the way.

Compromise is a gradual process, starting out as the occasional exception, evolving into a survival mechanism before finally becoming entrenched as habit.  For those individuals whom circumstance has muscled into the fold philanthropy becomes a form of rebellion.

Most serious illness is traced back to lifestyle factors.  Our health reflects how we live as well as how we perceive and interact with the world around us.  The more personal responsibility we assume for our quality of life the better our health will become.

So much information is currently available that for the average citizen of any “developed” nation ignorance is simply no longer an excuse.  If you are reading this then you are old enough to know better, just like I am.  If we are honest with ourselves and make the time to get to know our bodies we can enjoy our lives to the full!

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.


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