Why The Gold Standard?

All that glitters certainly isn’t gold, and the “Gold Standard” has certainly done nothing to improve the quality of life for the lion’s share of humanity.  Why then do the powerful and the “wannabe” powerful cling so desperately to this relic of a dubious past?

In the Middle Ages Alchemists were obsessed with finding the right formula or enchantment in order to turn “ordinary” substances into gold.  Historically identified as an adornment of regency every Lord was frantic to get his hands on enough of the stuff in order to establish his own little Kingdom.

Gold is metal, considered precious because it is pretty and malleable once you clean it up.  It can be ingested in small quantities but one certainly could not sustain them self by gold alone.  You can wear it as ornamentation, but due to its weight it would be most impractical to fashion apparel from it.  You cannot use it to warm your home, or to power machinery, all you can do is collect it.  So why such obsession?

For some Native American’s corn was “gold” – a source of sustenance and fuel.  One of the main reasons the European invaders considered them “savages” was because they simply couldn’t comprehend the “Pale Faces'” obsession with rocks, even shiny ones.

Today corn is GMOed so people can consume it, but also so governments can control exactly how much of it is grown and thus its value can be manipulated.  The “Pale Faces” eventually caught on to the fact that you can use corn for a lot of things and, seeing as it is a consumable, you don’t need to build vaults to store and protect it.  In fact, if you ensure that you control the ONLY source of seed corn (kernels that can actually germinate into crop bearing plants) then you can easily monopolize that resource.  The “gold standard” of the new agriculture.

Now we come to the multi-trillion dollar question: WHY?

Why is it that “He who has the gold makes the rules”?

Germany is currently playing the role of economic bully throughout Europe.  Under the Kaiser or the Fuhrer the methodology was considerably more brutal in a literal sense, but nonetheless effective toward the primary objective: the looting of Europe, the Balkans and the USSR.  Hitler was particularly thorough to that end, amassing as much gold as possible precisely because he wanted to be the one to make the rules.  Now it is Chancellor Merkel and her henchmen who are clamoring from the platform that the Fuhrer built in their frenzy to implement economic castration, as a first step toward genocide.  It seems that the Mediterranean countries in particular are being savagely punished for daring to have better climate, more renewable resources and less heavy industry.

Perhaps a new breed of Alchemists will come forth.  Their new quest would be to transform gold bricks into suppositories.  That way each and every world leader (or even “wannabe” world leaders like Schäuble) obsessed with having all the gold and thus making all the rules could rest assured that their fortune and fortitude is “safely tucked away” in their very private vault.

Only when the epidemic compulsion for excess and extravagance is quarantined and eventually eliminated will humanity finally be able to embark on a new enlightenment.  To set forth into a new age of genuine development and prosperity.

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.



  1. I’ve never understood the gold standard – I think more along the lines of water, air, food, shelter, and compassion, kindness, and love in terms of human wealth.

    Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode about the men who heisted gold bars and then slept in suspended animation for about a hundred years, only to find out that water was “gold”?

    Silly humans!

    I agree – we are in need of a little enlightenment.


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