The MOOC phenomenon and Digi-Tools

Are you a, or are you a user of Digi-Tools?  I just completed my first #edcmooc Twitter Chat and my head is still reeling!

The animated discussions regarding the delineation between digital natives (today’s youth) and we “old schoolers” who are called upon to nurture/guide/parent/mentor is really inspiring me to rethink my approaches to both teaching and parenting.  Another invaluable lesson has been the realization that my excuses the last few years for not realizing many creative projects have been precisely that, EXCUSES!

The digi-tools are out there, the amount of kick-ass FREE software available is truly astounding.  It is up to me to MAKE the time to learn to use them.  I have placed myself inside a time capsule, I have made my creativity obsolete by avoiding the exploration of digital technology as something beyond my reach.  I kept telling myself my camera isn’t good enough or I don’t have an editing suite… it is all there – I must get up off my butt and dare to get my creativity out there!

Before I actually enrolled in the EDCMOOC I was already recommending Coursera to my adult students of English, and with amazing results.  For some the experience was transformational in the tremendous boost in confidence it evoked.  The irony is that I found excuses to avoid participating myself, all primarily time management related of course.

Now I’m here and I’m doing it!  I have cracked the lid on my time capsule and am trying to re-enter the here/now.  I am going to elicit the assistance of my students and children in making the most of, rather than being intimidated by the digi-tools available.  Most importantly I am going to stop being a “digi-tool” myself!

Victoria Andre King is a freelance writer and audiovisual professional her novel The Führer Must Die is available for pre-orders and will be released on November 8th 2016 with Yucca Publications, an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing NYC.


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